Why Privacy In The Office Space Is Important And Also How It Can Cause Issues

Why Privacy In The Office Space Is Important And Also How It Can Cause Issues

Close to eighty percent of companies and businesses favour open plan offices for their employees. But depending on the type of work that is being done there may or may not be a need for privacy.  

Better concentration and more efficiency 

Compared to having a co-working space the closed up office is more convenient and also provides better concentration. If your employees need to focus, all they have to do is close the door and shut out the noise and interruptions and so the quality of any work that is done is far better with privacy because there is more of a flow with less distractions. Without an enclosed work space there will be constant chatter that the employees have to deal with. Studies have proven that most people perform best and have full concentration when no one is talking to them while they work. So private offices ultimately get better results from your employees, which saves your time and money at the end of the day. 

It is actually harder to bond with co-workers in open plan offices  

With closed doors it is possible to have lengthy private chats without the worry of being overheard which enables you to bond with certain co-worker’s and make good friends. If you have a co-working space Singapore, then it is not as easy to get to know everybody on a personal level since on one wants to share information that almost everyone at your place of work will overhear. So open plan offices with their lack of privacy actually do not allow as much bonding or fun and relaxation. Because if two workers were to get together and do something fun like play a quick card game (while at work) the entire office would get distracted, but with individual offices that have closed doors the privacy allows the employees to let loose a little without disrupting everyone else. 

Communal spaces  

There have to be a few communal spaces like the cafeteria and other such zones but the entire office being open is mostly a bad idea and your employees will agree with me on this. Communal areas are important because all the employees can come together, interact and exchange ideas, thought and feelings and then get back to their own work zone. Giving your employees private spaces actually validates what they are doing by giving them more satisfaction with their work so there is a lot of benefit from it.  

If you have the option always get an enclosed space as your office because you can make it your own and most of all you can concentrate and work a whole lot better without all the unnecessary distractions of colleagues. The only thing is that you could get a bit bored without having anyone to interact with constantly but even that is not really a crisis.

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